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5 social media growth strategies for lawyers

Posted by Dan Jaffe / Oct 25, 2014 / Comments

Recently, legal marketing discussions have locked onto the idea that social media is the marketing strategy of the future. A good portion of this discussion has been centered around creating social media accounts and adopting social media policies for your firm. But the discussion shouldn’t be stopping there.

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Law Firm Website Form Best Practices: Avoid Information Overreach

Posted by Dan Jaffe / Oct 14, 2014 / Comments

Too often, attorneys will master the art of driving traffic to their website, but fail at getting any sort of consistency with their contact inquiries. This can drive attorneys to fret over their site looking for typos, pictures, or offensive content that might be driving customers away, but one area that attorneys often fail to key in on is the usability of their contact form(s).

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Will Google's New Authorship Affect CTR For Attorney Websites?

Posted by Brian Tedder / Jun 25, 2014 / Comments

Don’t get too comfortable with your current Google Authorship. Google’s John Mueller announced today that the company is rolling out a new form of the (possibly) click-inducing rich snippet. The new design removes the profile photo and circle count from search results. Authorship will not provide a byline and the publish date. The change looks like it will be rolled out over the next few days.

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Your law firm's website is a feeling.

Posted by Brian Tedder / Jun 20, 2014 / Comments

Your law firm’s website is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to attorneys. If done correctly it can be a cost-effective method of increasing your law firm’s visibility online. But it’s a lot more than a content-powered marketing engine. Your website is usually the first impression clients have of you and your firm.

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Should The Evernote And Feedly Attacks Worry Attorneys Moving To The Cloud?

Posted by Brian Tedder / Jun 13, 2014 / Comments

Evernote and Feedly were both hit with temporarily crippling DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks yesterday, and Feedly was down again today due to another attack. While the companies maintain that no user data was taken (this was only a DDoS attack), it has still locked users out of the companies’ services for extended periods of time. Sure, it’s a little intimidating reading about the increase in not only DDoS attacks but also bugs, vulnerabilities, and compromises, but the same thing can happen in your own office. But unlike large providers, your firm likely isn’t in a position to handle it.

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Sasquatch, Unicorns & The 'Top' Of Google

Posted by Brian Tedder / Jun 10, 2014 / Comments

OK, I actually can get to the top of Google’s results for a certain search. Someone always has to be number one. It may fluctuate, it may differ based on location, and others might see different rankings entirely, but yes, it is possible. But that’s not my point. The point can’t just make it happen. Yet we hear it all the time: Can you get me to the top of Google? If it was that easy, everyone would be at the top of Google. See the issue here?

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