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New York Attorney Marketing Ethics Opinion re LinkedIn

Posted by Dan Jaffe / Mar 23, 2015 / Comments

On March 10, 2015, the New York County Lawyers Association Professional Ethics Committee issued Formal Ethics Opinion 748. It discusses the inclusion of practice areas in attorneys' LinkedIn profiles. The bottom line is be careful and read the opinion if you are an attorney, in New York, on LinkedIn.

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Announcement: April 21, 2015 Google Ranking Signal Change

Posted by Dan Jaffe / Mar 20, 2015 / Comments

Just a quick note to all LawLytics customers that your firm's websites are mobile friendly and comply with Google's upcoming changes that, on April 21, 2015, will expand mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. We've long seen this coming and welcome the change. Find out whether your site is mobile-friendly here.

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What do Yahoo and Bing mean for Law Firm SEO in 2015?

Posted by Dan Jaffe / Feb 25, 2015 / Comments

As a lawyer you can't afford to ignore Microsoft and Bing when it comes to a content and SEO strategy. The good news is that, if you simply provide high-quality, highly-relevant content that your clients and potential clients are looking for, you should do well on all three major search engines.

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Law Firm SEO: Myths and Realities

Posted by Dan Jaffe / Feb 24, 2015 / Comments

Law schools do nothing to teach aspiring lawyers about the business of building, running and marketing a law firm. SEO is ignored in law schools, and many attorneys look at SEO as a subject that is beneath them, or unworthy of their time and attention. But this creates a problem in that lawyers, out of touch with SEO practices, are easy targets for providers who sell dangerous or outdated services.

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Stupid Lawyer Tweets: Tread Carefully

Posted by Dan Jaffe / Feb 13, 2015 / Comments

Twitter only allows 140 characters per Tweet (post), so what's the worst that could happen? Well, let me throw out some buzzwords to get the ball rolling. Social isolation. Bar suspension. Disbarment. Mistrial. Missed business. Unemployment. Brutal public humiliation.

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Should we put this badge on our law firm's website?

Posted by Dan Jaffe / Feb 12, 2015 / Comments

Several times a week we are asked by our clients whether they should put a badge on their law firm’s website or blog. Typically the badge signifies some type of honor or membership in a group. Some of the badges are available for purchase (even though they are “awards”) and others are available for “free.”

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Best law firm marketing blog posts from 2014

Posted by Dan Jaffe / Jan 02, 2015 / Comments

Now that 2014 is in the books I wanted to take a moment to look back over the blog posts that got the most interest from lawyers as measured by a combination of traffic and engagement. The results are interesting, and to me indicate that lawyers are taking the time to consciously examine the direction that their practices are going.

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